Sunday, March 27, 2011

s h e' s    a t   i t   a g a i n
{she, meaning well, me}

I just can't leave well enough alone. 
I have a bit of spring fever and really want to lighten up my living room.

It started with this. I said "Saint {my sweet husband}, if I ask you to help me move something it will be the last time you ever have to have to help me move a piece of furniture again."

To this he replied, " I really doubt that, but yes I will help you". But he sweetly helped me move my white three seater sofa down from our bedroom and the leather two seater up the stairs to a new home in front of our bay window.

The room is now the way it should have always been.
Room Before.

Room now.

Lighter and brighter. Oh and the green table from my family room is now blue. 
The round blue pedestal table {that was in this room} is now in the family room.

It seems so open and inviting now. Before you would walk into my home right in to the back of the leather sofa.

 This coming week is Spring Break, but hopefully I will sneak in some time to get some projects done.

On the list of things to do:
-finish my "hallway of mirrors" upstairs
-extra large subway sign for the kitchen
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