Monday, March 21, 2011

f l e a   m a r k e t   f i n d
{part one}

Hello friends, this is going to be quick, I am sick. I think it might be a sinus infection. I am not good at laying in bed, resting and getting better so this week will be hard.

I had some luck at the flea market Saturday with my friend Molly. This is a one time a year sale at a local university so we were looking forward to it.

It isn't a big sale so I think the key is to go early. We went around 11am, so not too early, and we still had some great finds.

I found this hanging iron candle holder for $15, that's right $15!!!!
{shoot, I didn't show in the picture that it is hanging from a long simple iron chain}
I don't know the story behind it, if it is antique or not. I do know that it is HEAVY.

If I become a pro-flea market gal I am going to get a cart, and maybe I will decorate it.
{I am joking, sort of}

I also found a antique milk jug but it needs a little work done to it before I show it to you.

Alright back to bed.
Thank goodness for my husband who came home an hour early from work to help me out.