Monday, February 14, 2011

w h i t e    s i d e b o a r d

I finally have a new before and after for you! I bought a thrift store oak sideboard last week.
I hope I don't hurt your feelings by painting this, but I think it was ugly. It is just my personal opinion.

 I sanded, brushed on two coats of primer and three coats of high gloss white paint.
I wanted something light and bright since all of the other furniture in the room is painted black. I was considering painting it yellow or turquoise but I really didn't want to compete with the stain glassed window.

I decided to make my own curtains instead of buying pre-made panels. The windows required 96" panels not the standard 84" and I wasn't thrilled with the selection out there for 96" panels.
Plus I wanted something fun. I chose this Waverly Fabric from
I didn't add lining, I wanted the light to shine through.

The fabric is definitely darker turquoise in person but I actually like it better that way.
It took 6 yards to make the curtains.

I added these darling bird pulls that I purchased from a local store called Dwell.
These from Anthropologie would be sweet.

I had extra Waverly fabric so I reupholstered my desk chairs

 I also added the bird pulls to my desk.
Here is the view from my family room.
I think it turned out sweet.
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