Sunday, February 20, 2011

r e d   d r u m   t a b l e

I have just a quick little before and after project for you. I bought this little antique drum table for $5.99 a couple months ago. It was cute, I love the shape but I am pretty sure it is wood veneer and well it looked a bit cheap.
It needed some lovin.

I sanded and added three coats of Krylon Cherry Red.
{my favorite red spray paint}
I will get a paint sprayer one of these days, I need to get around to researching and pricing them, but for this little project spray paint worked fine.
Then I did a little bit of distressing on top. 
{yes...crazy for me! I usually like crisp glossy finishes}

You might think I am going color crazy with my furniture finds this week but I did buy a Tiger Oak dining table for my kitchen nook that was a STEAL~! 
And I am not going to touch that beauty with paint.
{pictures of oak table later this week}
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