Sunday, January 9, 2011

q u i c k    e n t r y    t a b l e    r e d o

I don't have many projects for you this week. I decided to move a cabinet out of my bathroom and into my office. This meant I needed to move out of my office a cute {but too big for the room} farmhouse dresser, that I love and needed to find a new spot for. All day on Friday I spent playing musical chairs with tables and dressers in my house. They have all found their new spots. This week I will show my new arrangements and a couple new pieces that I have bought and transformed.

With all of my furniture arranged the way I want and nothing right now on my "wish list" for inside my home, I will focus the next month or so on selling some more pieces of furniture stored in my basement so I can fix up my front porch in time for spring.

I would love to have two cherry red adirondack chairs. Something similar to this:

Ok back to my marathon of moving furniture.....
I used to have a black dresser in my front entry.

This dresser is now in my upstairs bathroom and it looks great there, it has found a new home and has tons of storage for me.

This left me with a big hole in my down to the basement I went. I had this drop leaf table I bought with Molly on a thrifting day. I think it cost me $14, but it needed help.

 I used the paint left over from my bedroom and slapped on three coats on this cute table, after a good sanding.

I think it looks great in it's new home!
I love how the color in the toile pillow matches the table perfectly. I am considering putting a clear coat of glossy poly on top...we will see.

More mini-make overs coming this week.