Sunday, July 7, 2019

u n p a c k i n g

We have lived in the new house for a little over two months. I am beginning to realize that unpacking everything and being settled here is going to take a good six months to a year.

My husband inherited hundreds of books about 9 years ago that once belonged his author father. In our last house we had several bookcases build in, and a huge walk up attic for them to live in.

Right now they are in our a storage room filled so much we can't walk in or really unpack. 

I ordered several bookcases last week and I am sure I will order more if what arrives, I actually like.

Once we unpack the books and place them onto shelves I can start to un- bury my furniture projects that are also being stored and start to work on those as well. I am thinking that will be sometime next winter.

The last time we moved I was a stay at home mom (12 years ago). I had the time to get us settled in very quickly. 

It is in my nature that I get things done quickly. I am going to have to be patient with myself since this time we are having professionals do the flooring and I am doing all of the minor cosmetic work myself and painting most of the interior rooms. 

Which is what I am supposed to be doing today but instead I thought I should unpack my stress instead. 

I wanted to walk down to the new waterfront park that opened in Tacoma. An hour later and halfway there I turned back home. It was much further than I thought. But it was a beautiful walk and I unpacked some of the stress I wanted to get rid of.

I had a boyfriend in college that said my theme song was by Alabama "I'm in a Hurry".  The line after that is "Rushing, rushing until life's no fun". He was't the nicest to me a lot of time and must have only saw the hurry part, because I really do try to make my life fun.

I am "fun" and "cute" remember (joke)? See last post for reference.

I am realizing that this year is about slowly unpacking my house and myself. Giving myself permission to take my time. 

My house and myself do not have to be perfect.


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