Thursday, April 6, 2017

t h i s   w e e k   4/2/17
As I type this Saint and Cooper are about to be home from a 5 day road trip to San Francisco. We went round and round last month trying to decide if any of us were going to go or the whole family. We decided that it would be the most fun if just the two of them went. 14 hours in the car with an 11 and 14 year old with various sensory processing disorders and vastly different ideas of what would be exciting, didn't sound that fun to me or Saint.
 Plus this is absolutely my busiest time of year at work. April-June is buying season for my furniture business. A huge amount of my business comes from people moving, buying a first home or remodeling. Most of this happens in the Spring. Amanda and I have been blessed with a blossoming design business along with our retail store. The design side of our businesses is at the heart of what we are loving to do creatively right now. We don't often show that side of our businesses, but we should because I think it would surprise people. Currently our clients are going for a mix of very modern, a touch of classic, and a hint of vintage. It is fun.

Oh, and staging, We are staging homes right now too. This is in fact home buying season. There is a lot going on behind the scenes.

I had a great week of antique buying last week and this week I spent painting and restoring a lot of it. With Coop and Saint gone, I spent long days in my studio. I almost never do this when we are all home. The door to my studio usually shuts at 150pm for the day, when I pick up the kids from school. Camden didn't mind me painting all week, she spent long days sketching and using her drawing pad. There was a lot of creative energy going on this week with just the two of us home. I have to say my house stayed pretty clean with just the girls home this week. We are excited to have them back though.

And I took a lot of pictures of trees this week. I don't know why, they were pretty... 
 Next week is more painting painting painting! And maybe some weeding. With the sun, the weeds have come up. 
I kind of like this weekly post. I think I will keep it up.  

Hope your week has been smashing.