Thursday, September 19, 2013

b a c k   i n   t h e   s w i n g   o f   t h i n g s
{well, sort of}
I started off the month excited to back to work. My plan hit a snag when I found out I needed to have surgery on my hand and wear a cast for another month. 
The pain from the surgery was pretty bad and it has been slowing me down.
But I have a store full of beautiful pieces and I am now just replenishing what I sell every week which for the most part is doable.
{but....I haven't told you about the new Seattle storefront coming up. My entire next two weeks of painting will be dedicated to painting for that storefront}
I did finish this pretty buffet today.
It has a fancier profile than I normally go for but sometimes it is fun to do something different.

I will have the price and dimensions at the store Saturday.
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