Monday, August 5, 2013

s l o w   d o w n

Life has thrown me for a loop this week. 

It is the middle of summer and I have a ten year old and eight year old that need my attention. I can't afford endless camps for two children and I work for myself so I can have that flexible schedule. 

I didn't anticipate that I would have such high sales the last two months. I am struggling to keep up with what has sold and I am about 15-20 pieces behind what I normally have in the store for MCC. I am actually ok with that part. But it did get to the point last week that I hoped a big piece wouldn't sell because I know I can't get another in the store for a week or two. I like it when my store looks full and nice, hate it when it looks empty and not staged right. Merri told me not to worry about and she is right.

So let me add one more thing in. I am shooting a segment on a local tv show this week and being interviewed for a magazine that I so admire that wants to feature the store. I normally don't mention things to you before hand in case things fall through and who knows these could still fall through, but I hope not, we have worked really hard!

So, there is a lot going on at once.

Last week I took a tumble and broke my finger {not on my painting hand!} and I am in a cast for six weeks. I go back to the doctor tonight because I think one of my wounds from falling is getting infected. It hurts, is red, and I have the sweats. I was on IV antibiotics four years ago for six weeks for an infection so I know the signs. 

Gah! So I am soo busy yet soo blah!

Let me tell you what I am going to do.
-Go to the dr. and take my meds
-Take it easy and finish up projects almost done
-Do my interviews then come home and take care of myself
-Realize I can't do it all
{this means not answering emails for a while, not attending functions, and saying no to things I can't do}
-Taking on projects like I did today. A simple paint job.

I need to slow down.

In case you are wondering where I am. I am sitting on the couch watching The Real Housewives of Whatever. :)