Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I  Shop At Poppy & Co.
I thought it would be fun to show some in process photos of the redecorating I have been doing on my own house in the last two months.

While for the store I am going very sleek and glam, at home I am true to my roots with rustic blues, whites, greens and yellows.

I love to throw a little burlap and seagrass in for texture, and hundreds of shells.


I have been collecting pieces little by little.
Buying some from the other girls at Poppy & Co.

And finding my new pieces on my buying trips for the store.

I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned my house this morning. I work Mon-Sat constantly buying, painting, hauling, photographing and then working in the store.
One day off a week isn't working for me. I am trying to slow down.
Oh, and I have young children. My life can be nuts.
This is leaving very little time for taking care of my house.
{You should see my yard! Ugh!}
I have been trying to do better about scheduling it into my daily routine.
I am dedicating at least one weekday a week to putting down my brush and picking up a broom. Then I need to go for a run and do more sit ups.
It is hard to do it all.
What I am working the most on though is not putting pressure on myself to be the best at everything.
Something had to give. First it was this blog. I am now only blogging when I can.
Next it was painting for the store. I love this part and I love my job but I have to focus more on my family and myself.
I also found if I take a day off from my job I am excited to work the next day.
That being said I hope to be better with this blog. I sort of went on strike for a while. I hope to be back in action
Did you miss me?