Tuesday, February 5, 2013

p a i n t,    p a i n t,    p a i n t
{this is all i have done the last two days}

I decided last month to paint through all of my backstock. Everything in my basement and studio. 
What this means is, I had to paint stuff that I didn't particularly like.
I had to get creative.

I have had this rustic cabinet in my studio forever. It needed soo much love. I wasn't sure I could even make it look pretty.
I decided to work with the rusticness but add cool interest.

I painted it this sweet green.

I  then added all new knobs, tin flowers, and old door plates {all sprayed black to match}.

I then added an old window attached on the back with old wood strips I have had from some other project. 
It is such a cool piece. This one will come to the shop with me some time this week.

I had the blue dresser below for years. It has been painted black, white, navy. I have painted this thing so many times I was sick of it. 

This sat in my basement for at least two years. I thought I would paint it one last time before I donated it. 
The simple shape needed something make it more feminine. I added the molding and painted the blue.

I sanded through three layers of paint and then waxed.

I am not donating this one, it is coming to me to the shop.

I literally transformed my trash to treasures this week.