Thursday, December 13, 2012

p o p p y  &   c o   s h o p   p i c s 

I ran down to the store quickly before it opened. I dropped off a ton of new merchandise and snapped a few pictures.

{This is only the Modern Cottage Co section of the store}

I did a vignette of red and green right in the front of the store.

Someone bought this lovely table a month and a half ago and hasn't picked it up yet! 
My hold policy is a week, so if this is you please come pick it up :) It is an amazing piece and was rather pricey so I would think you would want to come get it! 
{if this is you email me at}

Blue, white and green. Ah, I love it.

This coffee table might come home with me next month to be a bench at the foot of my bed if no one buys it.

A pretty desk I painted last week.

Darling white dresser.

 Most of my dressers have been marked down. If it had a 4 in front of it, now it has a 3. Prices firm.
I am clearing out some stuff to start fresh for the new year.

This is only 1/3 of the store. We have something for everyone. I am so proud of this store it gets better and better every month. We are slowing fixing it up. We take pride in the fact that we are building as we go and we are all debt free with our businesses {it is about making money not spending it!}. 

Are you itching to see more? I will take some pictures of the rest of the store sometime next week.