Friday, November 16, 2012

s t a r t i n g   t o   d e c k    t  h e    h a l l s

I spent the week down at the store doing some much needed painting and a little holiday decorating.

I painted the front door, the floor tiles and added potted trees to some urns to make more of an entrance to the store. We have on our "store bucket list" either a black and white stripe awning or curtains flanking the urns. Maybe add a cute painted welcome mat too? I would like to cover the top of the door with painted beadboard to match and light the trees. One thing at a time though.

{something like above picture for the awning, found here}

I have a pretty ugly dropped ceiling in my section. I started hiding it this week by putting up beadbord wallpaper, cut to size and stuck on with heavy duty carpet tape. I only got the front done. Hopefully sometime before Christmas I will get the actual ceiling finished.

I brought in a tree and some bunting.

This week I painted the back wall beige and adding a few holiday touches here and there. The black door is getting a curtain sometime this week. I am running up to Home Goods today so maybe they will have something for me. 
What I really want is a ruffled burlap curtain like this.

I don't have the time to make one though, boo.

Today I am taking a much needed break from work. Lots of cleaning and painting in my own home today.