Tuesday, September 18, 2012

s t r i p e   c u r t a i n s    d o n e 
{pictures taken with iphone, sorry!}

Just a quick little post to show you my new curtains made from West Elm shower curtains. The fabric is lovely sort of a cotton-linen blend.

I still need to adjust the center rod so the strips all match up across all windows.

I bought three curtains, cut and sewed them each down the middle and then measured to where it would hit the window sill and sewed a pocket for rods to feed through.

The color is the exact color of my walls, it was meant to be! 

Can you spot the two new kittens? Henry and Hariett joined our family a few weeks ago.
They are bringing such joy to our family and I think they love us too.Photo: Harry and Henry