Sunday, September 2, 2012

d i p p e d   l e g   b u f f e t

I bought this buffet last week and it sat in my backyard for a few days. My studio is pretty full of stuff right now so I knew I needed to get this one painted and done while it is sunny and dry outside since I had no place to store it.

I had originally thought of painting in all grey, then I thought maybe yellow. If I painted it all grey it would have looked like a whale. Yellow is sort of a summer color and I am trying to get a more fall color palette in my store. 

I sat outside on my porch and looked at the buffet for about 15 minutes last night and came up with a white dipped leg and grey on top. I then wanted to add a bit of bling with the knobs to add more interest to the piece.

The legs are painted with white milk paint and the top is simply a grey primer.

I distressed the edges of the piece with a dry coarse grit sanding block and for the top and sides of the dresser I used a fine grit sanding block just a little damp with water {after the first coat of wax}.

The piece was sealed with two coats of clear wax and is headed to the store this week.

The kids go back to school and I have a huge list of projects ready to tackle.