Wednesday, September 12, 2012

a n o t h e r    d r e s s e r ! ! !

Ok, ok I know you are all tired of my dresser makeovers-but- that is all I have been focused on the last few weeks. I want to get the store stocked for fall. This Friday we are having a customer appreciation party so we will be open 6-8pm and I am busting my booty to get my store filled with fun new things.

I finished this really simple yellow empire dresser, painted with yellow milk paint.
I like the warm yellow, it fits in with the fall vibe I am going with in my shop.

Next week I am taking some time to finish up some fun projects around my home. A few weeks ago I ordered this cotton shower curtain from West Elm so I could make curtains for my family room.

{obviously I am having some love affair with yellow and white right now}

 I am hoping they come in the mail this week so I can make them and show you soon!