Wednesday, August 22, 2012

a  n e w  y e a r

I just got home from a mini vacation with my family {I bet you wondered where I was, no blog posts for a week!}. This came off the heels of family visiting us.

This summer has been a whirlwind. It started with the store move {major stuff!}, then juggling kids at home with restocking a store {this means finding and painting}, then having to do it all with family in town.

The mom part of me wants to not worry about the store and let my hair down and get nothing done except play with my kids.

The realistic situation is I am a mom that works from home, and that doesn't stop for summer.

What had to give was my blog, I am sorry for that. I just really can't do it all right now.

Good news, the kids go back to school in two weeks. I will be on a work schedule again!

Bad news, I like sleeping in with my kids and having lazy summer mornings.

I love my job, so being on a schedule is okay with me. I am excited by it, thrilled even!

I always think of September as the beginning of the year, do you? Not sure why {sorry January!}. It is the start of my favorite season, routine, football season, sweaters and boots, and long walks with leaves underfoot.

I ADORE the fall. So what I am I doing this fall?

I am getting my workout schedule back {oh I really fell off this in the last few months and it has made me a grumpy lady}.

I am learning to say "no". I know this sounds easy but I have a problem with it. So for now, starting in September. MCC doesn't have anything for sale that isn't in the store. I won't find it or custom paint it, or donate it. I feel bad about it but I am having a hard time doing it all. Just restocking the store is a full time job for me right now. Plus I work 40 plus hours at the store a month.

I have grand plans for making my space in the store wonderful {this is my focus the first two weeks of September}.

I want to be a better friend in the fall to those who I adore but literally don't have time to sit and have coffee with now, that means you Michelle{s} , and Molly.

I will be better at this blog. I have SO MANY ideas to share with you I just need the time. And this year I am learning to juggle it all. I am in my own circus class.

BUT I adore you, can't do it without you, and hope you stick by me!