Sunday, August 12, 2012

h e l l o !

There is no real theme to my post today, just a quick review of my week. My husband's sister got married so I spent the week painting things for her wedding and cleaning up the house for company.

I moved my jar collection to above the mantel.

I love the arrangement right now and it feels good to get my house clean! 

I finally hung the kids artwork from last year. The sock monkey is my favorite, cute right?

It was great having Saint around this week to help me haul furniture down to the shop. I finally got the black and white tall boy down to the store.

Here is another view of the dresser, and do you see the windows I got?

Crystal helped me hinge them together and it was such a chore I promised her she wouldn't ever have to help me hinge something together ever again.
{Although she said that she would help me do at least 20 more doors before she got tired of it-good friend!}

From the inside of my space it looks like a bay window and it is beautiful when the afternoon light shines through.

I finished up a coffee table that matches two end tables.

A cute little yellow coffee table painted in milk paint.

The dresser I was going to keep Crystal bought from me to use as a staging piece for her wedding rental business. I used chalkboard paint right over the old mirror.
{This was from Lansing's wedding last night, it was lovely}

This week I need to get busy painting. I hope to bring in a ton of stuff to the store.
I am feeling inspired.