Monday, June 4, 2012

s w i t c h i n g   o u t   m y   b u f f e t 
{and shopping in my own shop}

I painted a white buffet as a new media cabinet for my family room. I really loved my old wood buffet cabinet but I wanted to paint and put it somewhere else in my home. The only place that made sense was my dining nook. I dry brushed right over the wood {I used Benjamin Moore Aura paint}, distressed, then sealed with a soft, clear wax. The tear drop knobs are from Anthropologie.

I love it. I loved my old buffet but I was just ready for a change-you know how I get.

I have had fun trading with some of the other girls in the shop for stuff for my own home.
Every time someone brings something really cool into the store I end up staring at it all day while  working and trying to figure out where I could put it my own  home.
I am not the only one that does this.
I can't tell you how many times one of us has brought something to sell at the store and another vendor buys it before a tag is even put on it.

Crystal had this bar cart for a few weeks down at the store and the color was just perfect for my nook.

The flower pot {holder-thingy, I can't think of what its called} Merri had it in her shop.

See the striped frame on my mantel? I might make more of these for the store.

My friend Molly traded me a rocker and train table I had for a Dash and Albert rug similar to this.


It will go under the table and I will share pictures later this week.

Since I am showing Dash and Albert rugs. I might as well show you the one I ordered a few months ago for my entryway {it is on back order}


I have the small version of this rug on my stair landing. The colors could not be more perfect for my home.

Want to know where my old buffet is? Sitting in my entryway.  If you are interested in it I will sell it for $300 if you can pick it up from my house before Thursday morning.
I am sort of dreading hauling it down to the store.

Also, I still don't have a battery for my good camera so all photos were taken with my iphone. This has been the cause of the lack of blogging lately.

Lastly, I thought I would let you all know why I took the Alison's House tab off my blog. I plan on adding it back with paint color, fabric and furniture sources. I was getting overwhelmed with emails asking questions about my home and I just couldn't answer them in a timely manor and I know this isn't fair to you as a blog reader. Plus when I did answer back I hardly ever got a thank you and this bummed me out.
Anyway, a new house tab with be popping up soon so stay tuned!!!