Monday, May 7, 2012

f i n a l l y   a n o t h e r   g r e y   o n e

There was a time when I was sick of painting grey dressers. It seems like all I did was paint grey dressers. Then I sold them all and started painting everything blue-now I am sick of blue! 
So I brought grey back. 
My space in the store is happy with more grey-weird but true. There was a little too much color going on for a while.

Sorry I don't have a before picture for this beauty. But it was just a dark dark stained wood, you can imagine that right?

I painted the piece with a light grey enamel paint. I didn't prime the piece first. I had a feeling that the enamel paint would adhere nicely to the wood and I was right. I did wait three weeks for the paint to cure enough for me to tell if I was going to need a top protective coat {of wax or a poly}. After a ton of distressing {with a sanding block} I decided I didn't really need to seal the piece. 
The paint is pretty indestructible {it was very hard for me to distress it}.

The inside of the drawers are beautiful. I did spiff them up a bit with, just to bring out the beauty of the wood. I did need to air the drawers out for a few days after I used this product.

Howard RF4016 Restor-A-Finish, 16-Ounces Walnut

I accidently got some on the outside of the piece when finishing the drawers and I loved how it brought out the dark wood from under the paint {where I distressed}. I am totally going to do this for other projects. Can you see how dark the wood is under the distressing? The Restor-A-Finish really helped the wood pop out.

The dresser has this cool marking on the back. I never paint a piece that has interesting markings on the backside.

The shop was open yesterday but Kennnesha and Crystal were working for the rest of us girls.

It was fun to come in to the store today and see what sold and rearrange my space.

This week I am finishing up a white buffet and some chalkboard doors.

Last week I did a little vignette for the front window-I love doing this.