Monday, April 2, 2012

v i n t a g e    l a u n d r y    c a r t s

My good friend Molly lent me her vintage laundry cart to use as a display for the store. So many people want to buy this thing when they come into the store. When I tell them how much she paid for it and where they can find one people are often shocked. These things range from $100-200. If you are lucky enough to find one for less you totally scored. 
{Also if you have one and want to sell it to me that would be super!}

I just bought one off of Etsy this morning. I really want three or four of these for around the shop but my budget maybe allows me to buy one a month.


Vintage Fold Up Laundry Cart with Wooden Wheels

Vintage Industrial Folding Wire Laundry Basket Shabby Black and Red

Vintage wire laundry collapsable basket.

I am pretty sure my favorite is the very first one with wheels, but the canvas cart is pretty sweet too.

I have a confession to make.
There is a house pretty close by me that has two of these in their backyard. They don't take care of them. They have been out in the rain for years and the backyard is kind of a dumping ground. I got up the nerve yesterday to ask if I could buy them {not something I would normally ever do}. I thought, what do I have to lose?!
The lady was totally offended when I asked her if she would sell them to me and I felt really bad. I was really nice though! Oh, well. I hope she takes better care of them. I think they deserve it.

Tomorrow I will be at the shop with some of the other girls moving things around, making more room. Kennesha moves in Friday!

My mom is in town {yay!} and we are heading to Ikea today and I have a doctor's appointment later this afternoon.

I promise to take pics of the shop tomorrow. Oh, and did you notice I updated Shop Modern Cottage?