Monday, February 20, 2012

2 5   r a n d o m  t h i n g s

Shaunna from Perfectly Imperfect did a 25 things linky party and I missed it, darn, I was just too busy. But tonight I just got out of the bath and I am snuggled up in bed with the laptop so I thought I would do my own list, even if it is not to link up.
Ok so here we go.

1. I never thought I would own a store, it wasn't a dream of mine, it just happened and it is exciting.

2. I would rather have five really great friends than twenty acquaintance-like friends

3.Over the last few years I have learned to appreciate my true friends

4. I miss my high school and college friends I don't see anymore

5. I have a college degree and I still can't spell and I have terrible grammar :)

6. I sort of don't care either

7. I don't like being the center of attention and I hate having my picture taken

8.I have never been on a diet. I don't have the will power

9.I love running {I better not stop running or I might have to go on a diet}

10.I never lost the last 5-8 pounds after having my last baby-who is almost 7 {maybe I should go on a diet}

11.My real hair color is brown but I have been dying it blond for the last 13 years. 

11.I found my first grey hair this year {I found it in my brown roots-must keep up on my hair appointments}

12.When I was 8 years old I wanted to dress like Miss Piggy. I thought she was so glamorous

13.My favorite outfit as a 36 year old is cute jeans, black sweater, cheeta flats

14.I am usually dressed in a sweatshirt and yoga pants, both with paint stains on them-or something comfy
{my usual outfit}
15. As soon as I walk in the door of my house I put on comfy clothes

16.My husband and I have the same birthday

17.My kids think that everyone's parents have the same birthday.

18.I feel so lucky to have a great husband and fantastic kids

19.We have never had a professional family portrait. Here is our family picture taken with an iphone

20.I went to college hoping to get a degree in Interior Design but the drafting class I took freaked me out so I changed to Business Administration

21.I wish I would have gotten that design degree instead

22.I watch baking shows with my daughter. Our favorite is Cupcake Wars

23.I don't cook or bake. Not my thing

24.I don't live near my sister or parents and that stinks

25.I redecorate something in my home at least once a week
{I will show you this week what I redecorated today}

I had another great day at the store Saturday. Yesterday I spent the entire day cleaning my house. Today I spent the day with my kids. Tomorrow I will be back at the shop painting!