Tuesday, December 27, 2011

c h e c k i n g   i n 
{and a table for sale?}

First off, I wanted to say thank you, thank you for your sweet comments on the last post. I think from now on I am going to try to add a little more of my life on this blog and not just decorating and furniture redos. 

We had a great holiday here, but to be honest I am kind of relieved it is done and now we can relax. 
I am totally over going shopping, being around crowds, and eating and drinking too much.
I am in detox mode this week. 

Today I am heading up to Seattle to go to the Nutcracker with Camden while the boys stay home. Since I will be gone most of the day, I got up early to snap some shots of what I have been up to the last few days.
{that is why the shots are kind of dark, sorry!}

I have been moving tables around again, shocker! I will do a whole post on this next week but here is the  lowdown.
It am moving tables around again because:

 1. I needed a bigger table in my kitchen for all of my sewing, crafts {I need to spread out}. 
2. The kids outgrew the little kids table and chairs/bench in our family room. I am very sad about this. I knew this day would come. But the good news is that I am taking the kids table and chairs/bench to the new shop and it will either be for sale or as a play table for kids while mommies shop.
{Square oak table from kitchen moved into family room and painted. Also, you can see I am in the process of deciding on fabric for new pillows and Cooper has taken over the new table with his legos}
3. The big black table in the dining nook was too big for the space and now is in the kitchen. I bought a trestle table and I am in the process of painting it white and finding four matching chairs.

So, as I was moving all of these tables around and painting, I painted a coffee table for the shop. I wanted it to look fresh and beachy, so I decided on using the same color as my coffee table {BM, Covington Blue}.

This morning at seven I set it up to photograph it to post for sale, but now I like it! The scale is much better.  {I should never stage things in my own home, I always want to keep the pieces!}
So.....if someone wants to buy my old coffee table {the big blue one with chunky legs},  I might switch them out.

I haven't decided which will be for sale. If I keep the newly painted one, I will add casters to the bottom to raise it up a bit. 
Hmmm... which should I keep?