Tuesday, November 22, 2011

m y  f a i r   l a d y
{and a fun chair with anthropologie fabric}

I adore Audrey Hepburn, she is so strong, feminine, stylish, and quirky. My favorite Hepburn movie is My Fair Lady, so I 
used her as my inspiration.  

I had this dresser on "claim it before i paint it" and again no one claimed it and I was glad.


I wanted to do something fun with this lady. Her shape is so simple and elegant and I knew stripes would be perfect. My family thinks it looks more like a zebra than Audrey but, oh well.

She will go in the new shop! 

Another piece to go into the shop is this craftsman armchair with Anthropologie fabric. I almost painted this piece, but I am so glad I didn't. 

Starting this week all of my makeovers from here on out will be for the new shop opening mid-December. I will have details soon.

Come back tomorrow for a stencil GIVAWAY!