Monday, October 3, 2011

m o v i n g    t h i n g s    a r o u n d    a g a i n 
{and my struggle to accessorize}

I am not sure if I mentioned that my husband and I are sharing my office now. It started when my computer and his computer were competing to run the same wireless router. Now, I don't know how all of this works, but my husband had to deal with our internet service for about 8 hours one Sunday. One of solutions to our computers "talking to each other" would be to put the router in a central location. The location that we picked was the dining room. The plug is by the big window. I didn't really want a router sitting in the middle of my floor so I moved the big buffet {to hide the router} and then I had to move other things around to balance things visually.
Well it turns out that, moving the router wasn't  going to work either and we have to have the two computers next to each other for now {which I actually like}. I still like the new living room arrangement and I have kept it for a few weeks. 

Also, I want to confess that I have a problem with home accessories. I am a "big picture" person. I can pull together all the colors, textures, and the scale right for a room no problem. But when it comes to accessories I stumble. You see, I don't like clutter. That is the modern decor side of me. 
I don't even seasonally decorate {I know, shocker!!!!} except for Christmas and then I only like a tree and a few other things here and there. 

My house was looking stark, so I am attempting to add more accessories back in. Can you spot my new additions?

Oh, and one more see that tray on my coffee table? That is the lid to my seagrass bin that holds Lego's in my family room. I plopped it on the table to see what the scale would be like if I wanted to find a tray. Once I put it on the table I like it. How is that for me being totally random!