Friday, August 12, 2011

f a v o r i t e   h o u s e   f r i d a y

I am changing things up fhf for the next few weeks. I get up almost around six every morning and go on an hour walk with my good friend Molly, who also lives exactly two blocks away from me. Thank goodness, I am so glad to have such a dear friend nearby that loves old homes and decorating as much as I do. We both feel so lucky to live in such a walkable neighborhood. We switch it up and don't do the same loop everyday. Molly had this great idea yesterday for me to do a fhf on some of homes we love, I think this is a super idea! I did feel like a big dork taking pictures of peoples homes early in the morning.

You will notice from the pics that it is a foggy morning.
{Molly's House!}

We ended the morning walk with a deer right in front of my house!

This is only a few of the homes that we love. Is this fun to see? I might do a couple more morning walk fhf's before it starts getting dark again at six in the morning.