Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a    w e e k    o f    b l a c k   a n d   w h i t e

I am going through a black and white phase. Everything I am painting is black and white, no color, so not like me!  I  have even more projects I am working on that are only black and white, so maybe I should just say that is my theme of the week and next week I will get back to using color.

I FINALLY painted my brass fireplace surround. I have had this on my "to do" list for years, got it done! I really hated the brass and it always bugged me. I bought high heat enamel paint and just brushed it on, took me 10 minutes tops. I should have done it years ago, much better.


Also, I have to confess I distressed my black and white dresser. 
I like it better. Really I liked it both ways both ways but the distressing picks up on the pretty lines of the dresser. I can't leave anything alone that stays in my house, I have to mess with it somehow. 

I am also working on sewing a slipcover for  a bench and painting a dresser for my kitchen. Both will be black and white. It is my theme of the week!