Wednesday, July 13, 2011

i   a m   k e e p i n g    it
{now I need your help, paint or keep wood?}

I had the antique dresser in my entryway the last few days waiting for me to get started repairing holes and then sanding. I know this piece looks rough right now, but there is something about the lines of this piece that I really love. This dresser cost me $19, so it is ok that I am not going to sell it, right?!? 

I am picking up three more pieces this morning for the shop, so I can keep this one, please?

I want to keep this dresser and put it on my stairway landing near my front door. I need storage. Specifically for shoes, gloves, socks, and kids sports stuff. I don't have a hall closet, I need storage.

Now that I have decided to keep it, should I paint it white? Maybe white and the knobs black? It might look good with my black and white stairs? I do like the rustic brown but it seems more country than cottage to keep it the natural wood. Hmm decisions, help me!

Oh, and my favorite dresser that was on the stairway? This will go in kitchen by the backdoor, to hold more shoes, gloves, socks, and kids sports stuff. 

One more thing....I totally dumpster dived yesterday. Really, for the first time I went into an open dumpster {at church, picking the kids up from VBS} and pulled out three old oak school house chairs, they are fabulous. I did ask permission to take them, and to be honest there was nothing else really in the dumpster so it wasn't gross. I am in the process of making these chairs over, pictures to come soon!