Friday, April 29, 2011

n o t   t h e   b i g   k i t c h e n   p o s t

Ok, I am sorry I promised the kitchen post...but you know what I am not ready!
Truth is, I went to Home Depot this morning to pick up glaze and wax for my garage projects and I found some large stainless steel pendant lamps that I think I want.
{I am hoping my husband isn't reading this, but they were under $29 each and really really cute}

Don't get me wrong, I love the origninal 1910 farmhouse lighting in the kitchen, but I HATE the lighting in my living room-entry way.
{notice I never show it in pictures, you would have to look really hard to find them}.

I was thinking of moving the kitchen lights into the livingroom-entry and getting new ones for the kitchen. I am on a budget of $0 so maybe they will be a Mother's Day gift???

So, that is why there won't be a big kitchen post today.

Instead, I thought I would show you some new fun things going on in the family room.
If you hate color you might not like this room. But I love color and we have a family of young kids and they 'create' in this room, so why not go all out.

I bought a new rug at the Home Depot that is durable and soft so the kids can't ruin it {well, I am sure they will try to}.

After my trip to Home Depot, then the Y, I stopped off at a thrift store on the way home.
This thrift store is usually way too expensive, but I did find some school house chairs for $7.99 {super price, these are usually $25-45 in antique stores}.

I picked up two and texted my friend Molly and told her there were six more left if she wanted some. Thrifty friends must look out for each other.

They look just like the two I already had. I will need to paint or seal them {you know, in case they have lead paint on them}
I also bought two new little globes on clearance at Target {$10} to add to my collection.

Ok, cheers my friends and have a good weekend. I am off to my office in the garage.

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