Monday, April 25, 2011

c a n d l e s   h o l d e r   f r o m   t a b l e   l e g s

A couple months ago I cut down my kitchen table legs so I could use it as a coffee table. Pretty simple, except I had to use a hand saw.

Once the legs were cut down I had these left over funny, chunky wooden feet. I didn't want to toss them out. I hung on to them and decided last week that I would turn them into candle holders.

This project cost me $4.00. Super deal, right?!

I purchased small round wooden plagues from my craft store. I nailed a large nail through the center of the round plaque, so it was sticking up about a half an inch {this is what keeps the candle firmly in place}.

I glued the round plaque to the top of the left over wooden feet and painted two white and two the same color blue as my table.