Wednesday, April 20, 2011

b a l a n c i n g   a c t,  p r o j e c t s,  a n d  a n   u g l y  s h e l f

I feel like a broken record, apologizing for my lack of blog posts. I am not going to do that after this post, I promise! I have too many projects going on and once they are finished you might see too many posts from me.

Warning the pictures that you are about to see aren't pretty, but it is what I have been working on.

I sewed a lumbar pillow for my entry bench.
{target body pillow coved in butter yellow curtain from Ikea and I added white buttons}

One coat of chocolate brown paint on my basement stairs.
Now I need to add another coat and then clear out the furniture down there and paint the floor. I know there is no urgency on this project but it would nice to get it done before school gets out.

This buffet will hopefully be completed by this weekend and put onto Shop Modern Cottage. I am going to paint it a robin's egg blue with black knobs and pulls. I forgot to fill the holes and take the doors off before I sanded and added one coat of primer, shoot.
I bought Benjamin Moore's Aura paint so I didn't technically need to prime it, but oh well.
I haven't been planning out my projects very well.

I bought this faux wood shelf yesterday. I think it is going to be painted kelly green for my daughter's room. Can you imagine it green with white baskets? I think it will be cute.

I am also really trying to focus on getting the business started. Baby steps. I am at the point that I know I need to shift my focus on the business and not on all of the volunteering that I have committed myself to. I can't do it all or I won't be successful at anything.

Today is the last day of my kitchen remodel. The electrician will be here in fifteen minutes to finish changing out the outlets. I am very very thankful for my new kitchen and thankful that it is almost over.

Oh, and I am still planning on doing an in depth kitchen post {one of these days}.

Thank you friends, now I need to get back to finishing my projects before heading off to the gym, grocery shopping, picking up the kids from school and relaxing with my friend Molly while the kids play.