Thursday, March 3, 2011

f a r m h o u s e   d r e s s e r
{part two}

I should have never said in my last post I was done with this room. 
Boo on me.
Now I have learned I probably should live with a room arrangement for at least a day before I make a statement like that.
{and maybe wait for a sunny day to take pictures}

Truth is, I was trying to love the newly painted farmhouse dresser {remember BM Covington Blue} next to the coffee table painted the same color. 
As I went through my day yesterday I had to admit to myself I hated the two pieces next to each other.
 Yes, I am annoyed with myself because I am over decorating this room.
Again, boo on me.

I am also extremely irritated with myself because I recognize that I am blessed, and that the only problem I had to face yesterday was how to re-arrange my furniture to my liking.


 I did a very quick swap of the blue farmhouse dresser with the tiger oak dresser in my entry.
{yah, a sunny day}

Much better, things are in balance and the color and wood tones are now distributed evenly around the room.

 {I like that now when I walk into my home I can see the darling little feet on this dresser, this makes me smile}

Good news, I really can move from this room and on to finishing another room. My husband and I definitely made plans Friday to look at new floors, counters, backsplash and sink for the kitchen.
We will have to see what we can afford and what will have to wait on redoing.
{while the kids are in school, yah, it will be like a date with my husband}
Let's hope someone is having a sale, I have never had a new kitchen so I think I might be in for sticker shock.
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