Tuesday, March 1, 2011

e m b r a c i n g    n a t u r a l   w o o d
{tree hugging in decorating}

I am a furniture painter, I always paint my furniture. Lately, I have been changing things up a bit. I think my decor was looking a bit one dimensional without some more natural elements.
{as was the purpose of my last post}

Sorry my pictures aren't great today, my camera is acting crazy and the lighting is bad.

I sold a table set last week and with a little of the money from the set I sold I bought this cute tiger oak dresser.

This piece is solid, beautiful, and a huge departure from my painted cottage style.
Looks great with my bamboo mirror.

Here is my new quarter sawn oak kitchen table.
Lovely and natural.
 The floors and counters on the other hand, in this kitchen, have me going crazy.
I think my husband and I are going to make a date this week to price the new tile floors and marble counters. Wish me luck!

I am also working on a cute farmhouse dresser make-over today.
{yes I am painting this one}

I am off to Costplus now to pick up these pulls.

I think I can get this project done today.