Wednesday, February 23, 2011

m i r r o r    m a k e o v e r
a n d 
a   m i r r o r    o v e r   a   m i r r o r

I bought a thrift store mirror the other day that I was dying to make-over for my living room.
{pretty, not my style but I love the size of the mirror and the chunkiness of the frame}
I painted it with Benjamin Moore's Covington Blue, semi-gloss.
{love love love this color}
{oh, I might need to clean the mirror!}

 I added big black wood knobs. 

The knobs add interest to the mirror.

Also, above my mantel I used to only have the little round mirror and I knew the wall called for something more substantial so I added the big mirror behind the little mirror. It really brightens up the room.
{the big mirror was on the wall that I added the new blue mirror}

I always add a fun mirror to a wall if I get really stuck on how to decorate it.