Monday, January 24, 2011

b i g    y e l l o w    f r a m e
{for the basement playroom}

I haven't had as much time as I thought I would this month to get this basement playroom finished, but in the last two days I have done quite a bit. 

I had a successful thrifting morning. I bought this great frame for $5.99!
Yes, it was a lovely oil painting. It is really large {bigger than it looks in this picture}.

Since I am an avid thrifter I was very excited when I saw this frame. I almost never find frames this large.

I bought it not even knowing what I was going to do with it. But on the way home from the Goodwill I had an idea to turn it into art frame for the basement.

I brought the rug from my family room down to the basement and this will be my jumping off point for the colors in the room. 
{if I can really even call this a room, it is still just a unfinished room in the basement I am painting and making it functional for the kids to play in}
There is a little bit of yellow in this rug, hard to see it but it is there.

I took the oil painting out, painted it yellow and added ribbons.
Next on the "to do list" for this project, paint all of my miss-matched furniture a creamy off white. I am trying not to buy any new furniture for this room redo, just work with the cast off furniture that was already being stored down there.

I think it is starting look pretty cute, I hope to show you more later this week!