Sunday, December 26, 2010

m a s t e r     b e d r o o m

I am doing this post to hold myself accountable, I will finish decorating my master bedroom by January 7th. We have lived in our house for two and a half years and I have never painted this room. The color isn't bad, it is just not really my taste. Also, my house was a rental for a very long time, so there are holes all over the walls that need patching and I don't have the coco-colored paint to touch it up. I want to paint it this warm green-blue.

{Other projects I want to get done for this room}
*large clock for wall by my bed*
I think this clock from Ikea will be perfect, you can find it here.

*I would like to add a few more pillows, I am thinking two or three taupe linen pillows*

*Also, a throw for the end of my bed, with all of the original windows in my 1910 house, it can get pretty cold in the winter*

*I need to paint the rails and footboard of my bed add to my headboard*

Here are some pictures of what my bedroom currently looks like.
The furniture in this room are almost all thrift-store treasures bought over several years.

 See the holes from old pictures hung, it bugs me that I can't patch them.
I need to paint the rails and footboard of my bed add to my headboard, the frame cost $45 dollars at a yard sale. Pretty good for a king size bed!
The silver lamp by my bed is a family heirloom on my husband's side, at least a hundred years old. I adore it.
I would like to get baskets for under my farmhouse dresser. Yes, have an old ugly tv in the bedroom, but I love to hangout in there and watch tv after my kids are in bed.
The dresser cost $25 at Goodwill several years ago. I had it as a kitchen island for a few years.
Wouldn't linen pillows be cute on this sofa, add more texture and another color?
The sofa is a Ikea Ektorp, we have had this sofa for years. I love that I can buy a new slipcover for under $50 if it gets too dirty.
My desk. If you opened any of the drawers in this desk you would find I am totally unorganized. Maybe I can add this to my "to do" list for finishing this room.
I found this desk at Value Village, can you believe that, I think it was $12!
The sea-grass chair is from a furniture consignment store in Seattle, I believe it was $40.

I will have my room done very soon, I can't wait to show you the after pics!