Monday, November 1, 2010

Wool Felt Wreath

Are you ready for another Christmas idea? I'm all about thinking ahead this year.  Actually, I was intending for it to be a Christmas wreath, but I like it so much I think I need to change the ribbon so I can keep it up all year. 
Okay...let's get to work! Here's what you need:
Wool felt (I used about a yard and a quarter for mine)
Hot glue gun/glue
Straight pins 
Foam wreath

Step 1: Cover the back of your foam wreath with felt. I simply traced the wreath onto my felt, cut it out and hot glued it on. 
Step 2: Cut out little petal shapes like this: ( I just free handed it)

Step 3: Fold your petal into quarters like this:

Step 4: Use your straight pin and attach to wreath:

Step 5: Keep going- this part takes a while!

And the final product....