Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Friday Fun!

Molly and the boys came over to play today, it was such a treat for us to have them over . This was a long week and it was nice to have the boys play trains upstairs for a bit so the mommies could unwind and have some girl time, and let the chalkboard paint dry on the stainless steel buckets that we spray painted outside.
You might recall from a few posts ago Molly and I had a "thrifting day" this also included a quick trip to Ikea, and we found buckets for $2.99 each. We got the great idea to paint them with chalkboard paint, have the kids decorate them with chalk, and use them for their trick or treat baskets.
See me drill? I am pretty good with power tools.
We gathered the kids to the table and had some fun with chalk after the kids picked out which ribbon they wanted for their handle.

They turned out so cute~! I think we will use them again next year.

Oh, and do you want to see what the boys were up to while the mommies had their wine?

What a great Friday!