Monday, March 5, 2012

m o n d a y   m a k e o v e r s   a t   t h e  M C C

It is Monday madness here at MCC. I have three makeovers for you. Two are going to the store and one was the black and white tall boy dresser I painted for a client last week.

Should we start off with my new favorite going into the store? 


I did a dry brush technique right over the wood. The wood is gorgeous, I love it. But there were some condition issues so I didn't feel bad covering part of the piece with paint. I did two dry brush coats and did a fine sanding in between. This will help so the paint doesn't scrape off since I didn't use primer. 

The next step was to more heavily distress the paint so even more of the wood grain would show through.
I could tell that the paint and really bonded to the wood because I had a hard time distressing it. I ended up using a sanding block.

I went over the wood drawers with steel wool to clean them up and sealed the entire piece with a poly.
The poly really helped polish up the dull wood.

Stunning right?! One of my favorite pieces I have done.

I am going to line the drawers with maps.
This is going into the shop this week.

It would be an amazing media center because of it's height.

Next makeover is a simple side table.

{before-bad photo. Do you see Tucker's tail?}

I did the exact same technique as the above dresser.

This one is also coming to the shop with me.

Lastly we have Adrienne's dresser.

{before photo she sent me}

The body of the pieces is ASCP in Old White.

I painted the top in a high gloss black enamel.

The body was finished in a combo of dark and clear wax.

I am on the hunt to find a dresser similar to paint and put in the shop.

Speaking of the shop. Having the other girls in there with me has really inspired me. For the last few weeks I have been painting, just to paint for the store. Trying to crank things out. I was losing the enjoyment of it. Their creativity has really enjoying my work again. I am taking the time to only do three pieces a week so I can really have fun in the process.  Quality over quantity!

We decided not to intermix our inventory in the store but create mini stores within the big store. Sort of like a large vintage market with different booths. I think we confused some customers last week with having all of our pieces sort of mashed together but with different tags. It looked off.

Friday Devon is coming down to the shop and we are going to go to give it a big makeover. I am excited to show you.

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  1. i love that first one- it's so rich and warm! :)

  2. I love them all, but I am "white" girl at heart. Absolutley in LOVE with the last one!!!

  3. I am such a huge fan of all of your work!! I love everything you do. I wish I lived closer so I could make some purchases!! Sarah

  4. I really love the two-toned colors on these pieces. Thanks for showing them off. If only I was close enough to visit your store!

  5. The dresser looks so fabulous in my bedroom. I can't thank you enough. :)

  6. they are all so pretty love the dark teal color

  7. Great redo's new to your blog, will be back to check things out!
    Found you at Primitive and Proper

  8. Love them all. The two tone look is awesome and that tall dresser is so darn handsome!

  9. I love the combo of wood and color! So pretty!


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