Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a r e    y o u    r e a d y   f o r   a   f u r n i t u r e   m a k e o v e r
{finally, well you will have to hear me ramble on first}

I snuck some painting time in the last few days, an hour here and there the last three days. If you follow me on facebook you know my kids are home because the teachers are on strike in our district. Honestly, I have been really stressed out trying to keep up with my business and be a home with my kids. I have not been doing a super job at either.
 I need to do a big grocery trip, we had the last of the bread for breakfast today. I am going to admit to you, I am not a great shopper with my kids along with me. I get flustered, forget what I am buying, and say things like "Please put that down... Not today....Stay with me or hurry up....stop hitting each candy for breakfast". So I have avoided the store, darn strike.
I am a bit type "A" and some  "B".  The type "A" in me needs order. The kids were supposed to go back to school and we would be on a schedule, now I have been totally thrown off.  I am behind in my furniture orders and not good at keeping up on my blogging. I sound like a bit of a whiner I know, and I really think I am a good mom. I am just tired.

This morning I got to sit down with wonderful ladies at church and talk. This helped me so much. I got to leave my messy house for two hours and focus on other things. I can't "control" the strike so I might as well roll with things. I went out to lunch with the kids and we had a great time, then we went to buy art supplies, and now we are home and I snuck in another hour to work.
I am getting my priorities in order. This is why I chose to do this job in the first place, so I can be there for my kids and work around their schedule. Kids and family first, work second.

Sorry, had to get that off my chest.

Now back to a furniture makeover, finally!

This little girl, I am calling her "the short one" because there is a "tall one" that matches, was the only piece of furniture I have attempted to paint this week.  I posted her last week and I did get an email from a lady wanting both of them painted white for a girls room. 

Here is what I did.

I sanded, and added three coats of stain blocking primer. The wood finish {even though I sanded} after the first and second coat of primer still bled through. I should have stripped the finish first, it would have been easier, but after the third coat of primer all was good.

Isn't it sweet? 
I am working on my wreath tutorial, but I need to spend focused time with my kids right? So, you might have to wait a few days for that one.

Another few ramblings going on with me.

I love this time of year. Love it, love it, love it.
After taking my shower today and instead of putting my hair in in a pony tail, I curled it and wore it down. Feels good to make an effort. I even put on a cute outfit.
My house is a big big disaster right now but I am not going to clean it...well, maybe I will clean it before bedtime. I might carry a glass of red wine with me while I sweep the floor.



    Love the "short one". Aren't we lucky to be home for the most important people in our lives!? And drink wine while sweeping, lol.

    Suzy xxx

  2. Can't wait for the wreath tutorial - in a few days :)

  3. Love the makeover, sorry to hear your kids school is on strike, I couldn't even imagine if that happen to me and our 4 boys were home. But I totally understand why you dont want to take them shopping! I like to go alone, its me time. lol. Things will get better.

  4. I'm so glad to hear that you are a real person. I hate reading about all these "stepford wives." Everyone needs a little mess in their lives so we can appreciate our lives so much more when we have it all together. Love your new pieces! Thank you for linking up , glad to see you come back week after week. <3!

  5. i love the sweet simplicity, and the wooden knobs painted- it is pure cottage! love it! and the shape is awesome!

  6. simply cute... your space looks awesome... to be honest, i am in a bit of a furniture funk right now : ( i am hoping it wont last long.

  7. I cycle through those same feelings all the time!!!

    I pinned a bunch of your pictures, by the way. :)

  8. Shorty is a the color and your blog!

  9. Looks great...and you are a good storyteller! Thanks so much for sharing what's going on...sounds familiar!


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