Monday, July 11, 2011

t h r i f t i n g

I had a fab morning while the kids were at VBS. It was weird to go to the store by myself since they have been home for almost a month from school. I wasn't sure what I should do with myself. Should I clean, shop, or paint? I did a bit of all three.

As I was entering the Goodwill today there was another furniture buyer there. I could just tell, she was picking up a lot of items and had started a pile. Man, this stressed me out! I immediately scanned the place and laid claim on my dresser and chair. I wouldn't say I was aggressive, yikes! I was just calm and walked over to "my" dresser and stayed there until someone came to help me. It is actually kind of funny, I would like to think I am a very polite person, but darn it, there were some good things at the GW today and I wanted them!

I bought a lot of brown items. Some will stay brown, some will be painted.
{sorry for the fuzzy picture, darn camera!}
I am not sure what I am going to do with the chair yet but it is wonderful, I might keep it the natural wood.
The dresser on the other had is going to need a ton of work. I will need to buy some more putty and wood glue tomorrow. Sorry the picture doesn't do this piece justice. It might be my most favorite thrifted item in all of my thriting years. Someone will love it.
I bought some paint tonight for it. 
Benjamin Moore, Blue Danube

{The color is actually a lot lot darker than the picture show, almost a nautical, midnight  blue.}
{it is the color of the wall in this photo, I snagged it from}

I will keep the knobs wood, and do a dark glaze over the piece and distress. 

I also bought an antique doll bed. Should I keep this brown? It is hanging out in my office and holding my files.

The peacock blue desk is happy here for now. Not sure if I want someone to buy him. The green desk that was in here is sad to be replaced, but he will go to a good home.
{things are not as crowded in person as they look in this picture}

I hope to get started on the new dresser tomorrow. Actually, I can't wait to get started on it.


  1. Hooray for shopping without kids in tow! That dresser is beautiful...can't wait to see the final product.

  2. Great finds! I like the cradle idea, it looks good as is, but you'll probably end up painting it (speaking from my own experiance!).

  3. SUPER jealous you went to Goodwill ALONE!!! I have one at VBS this week but my youngest and most demanding is still home! And I was laughing about the other furniture buyer snatching up all the good stuff!!! I stress about that too! Glad you got your peices! They are gorgeous! Cant wait to see the finished product, that blue is AMAZING!


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