Tuesday, June 7, 2011

 u g l y   e a r l y  80's   d r e s s e r
u g l y  70's {or 60's?}   s h e l f

I have two quick makeovers of furniture purchased for my daughter's room. Both sanded, primed with a spray priming bonder, three coats of BM Simply White in Aura, and then sealed with a poly.

But first I wanted to show you some cute pillows I bought for my daughter Camden's room {I got these at the Farm Chicks show}.
The two velvet green and one velvet aqua are from the flea market.
I know the colors are a little crazy in this room...but she is 8 and loves it.

I bought both the shelf and dresser a few weeks ago and I have been working on them a little at a time while finishing other pieces for the shop.


I had a dresser just like this growing up in the 80's, pretty ugly!


I painted the pulls with Rustoleum's Leafy Green.

Here is the ugly shelf before.

 And after, much better.
Gotta love white paint, it makes everything better.


  1. the whole room is so bright abd cheerful! the dresser looks great, and i love the little bookcase, too!
    i also love the art frame! i was thinking of doing that in emmy's room with a frame i have - it looks great!

  2. You're so good.....I also had that dresser ;) now I wish I knew where it went! - Dharma from Wannabe Mermaid

  3. Wow, what a transformation on that dresser!! It looks AWESOME now, love it!!

    found you through Cassie's POWW party, glad I did!


  4. What a lucky little girl!! The white is perfect with her bright colors - love it!!!

  5. cute, cute !! our girls would be friends :-)) her zebra chest of (found) drawers are on my blog ... check it. Good job mom !!

  6. love the room ,and the dresser is awesome! Can I ask how you got the handles to be black? Did you just spray paint them or is there another way to do it?


  7. I had the same piece of furniture growing up! Have you had any problems with the paint chipping or peeling off?


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