Friday, February 18, 2011

g o i n g    g r e e n

A few weeks ago I showed you my family room. I had this cute little white cottage table. The kids kept messing with the casters and moving the table around. I needed the casters on the table to raise it for the kids chairs to fit under.
{oh and I took off the curtains to the office, much better and brighter}

This table is the most used piece of furniture in my house and this room is definitely the heart of our home.
I needed to come up with a solution, and possibly a free solution?
I had bought this $10 craigslist table a few months ago and I didn't like it in the kitchen. Too much black, not bright and cheery like the rest of the house. I knew if I hung onto it I would find something to do with it.
{I also took the curtains out of this room, what is with me?}

So I cut the legs down.
{I did this with a hand saw, I really need to get some better tools}

Then I needed to decide what color. This is the hardest part. White was out, it shows too many crayon marks. 
Then I went off to the store to look for some aqua blue spray paint, but they were out of the color I like. But I found this color, and thought, oh why not!

{leafy green, American Accents by Rust-oleum}
It picks up the color from the pretty trees outside.

Do you think I am crazy for going green?

One of the greatest things about this makeover is my husband. He didn't even blink and eye when he got home from work or say "Um what is with the big green table taking over our family room?"

He is a happy table and now I need to think of a nickname for him.
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  1. Let's call it Mesa Verde ( may-sah ver-day) which means Green Table in Spanish or, when the kids are using it, Messy Verde.
    your husband

  2. I love it green! Great job :)
    You could call in guacomole to go with Saint's theme.

  3. I have no clever name for you but let me tell you that I love it! I love your bold use of color. I have been redoing bits and pieces of my own home and yours is what I am using for inspiration! I love the color usage and all of the other little beauties of yours! Love it.

  4. I love that color green! The table looks really cute. I just made a chalkboard in practically that same color. :)

  5. Cool Color! Looks Great in your Family Room.

  6. If you're crazy for going green then I've been nuts for a LONG time!!! I adore green! My bathroom is green. My kitchen is green. And I'm on a mission to bring green and turquoise into my living room! I just adore your table!

  7. oh and you got yourself a new follower just because I want to see more green!

  8. Oh my word, I love your boldness. The table looks absolutely perfect. As a matter of fact I love the whole room!

  9. I love the green...especially with the fun colored chairs! Bright and just right for kids.

  10. I love the green you chose. I have two cans of spray paint in the garage that I think are the same color. I've been thinking about using it for something in my house. Love the color in your home. I love and use lots of color myself.

  11. OK, I just checked and my spray paint is Leafy Green! I think I'll use it on the wicker chairs on the porch. I've been looking at your previous posts and just love your style!

  12. It looks great. I love bold colors but I'm too afraid to try them in my own house. One of these days I may just suck it up and try it. I'm your newest follower. I'm throwing my first link party today (Monday) it would be great if you would stop by and share your project.

  13. Hi, Just wanted to say hello and tell you that I love your bold use of color.

    I am a new follower:)

  14. Hopping over from tator tots & jello.
    I don't think you are crazy for going green at all! I love it! I love your bright and cheery colors! I'm trying to add in bright colors to my boring color palette in my own home! I love this space! I love that it's so kid friendly and practical and fun. I am also loving that you put that white cabinet under that gorgeous stained glass window and removed those curtains.

  15. Hey, Did you link up to my link party? There is a link that says "going green" but when I click on it, it just takes me back to my site. Just thought I would let you know so that you can go back and fix it if you would like.

  16. I think it looks great! The green is colorful and cheery, just like the feeling you've created with art and accent pillows, I love it!

  17. What a great color, so happy! Love it!

  18. hi there ! popp'n over from TT&J - the green is super fun! ;)

    more than that, I am inspired by your leather couches with fun colorful pillows! I am a beach cottage decor lov'n gal with a warm and cozy library style lov'n hubby - seeing your couches and surrounding decor gives me hope i can bring our two styles together with a chamring eclectic punch.

    i look forward to pok'n' around your blog to see more of your home.


  19. I think it's fantastic!!! The green table and little chairs just scream this is a welcoming, comfortable, energetic home!! :)

  20. I just saw your table on another blog!! I love it. I painted my dining room table the same color!

  21. Love the green table. It makes it look like spring of the year already. You did a great job. I would call it children's green.
    Betty Whatley

  22. Very adorable! I did the same thing WAY BACK in the early nineties when my kids were tiny. It's the perfect spot for budding artists - my daughter is now a professional free-lance artist! Enjoy your wonderful table!


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