Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wool Felt Topiary Ball

Sometimes one idea leads to another...

When Molly told me she was creating a felt wreath I immediately thought I wanted to make a felt topiary. We will see how many other holiday ideas will involve felted wool. During one of our morning runs, this is our "company meeting time", we came up with at least five other ideas.
I used the same technique Molly used to create her felted wool wreath.
Here is what you need:      *Large topiary ball form (these are very inexpensive)
                                            *Felted wool (mine was $2.99 a yard, takes 2 yards)
                                                 It is as simple as that!
Trace or free hand a flower on felted wool.
Fold and pin felted wool to topiary form.
Continue until you have the entire topiary ball covered. Make sure all of your pins are well hidden. The pins will hold the felted wool firmly into place. Add a ribbon of choice and you are done! You can use the same technique using tissue paper and that would be such a darling decoration for a child's party or even a wedding/baby shower.



  1. Alison it's beautiful! I love all your wool projects. I think the means I'm going to have to make my own!

  2. So sweet! I think I'll try it in red or pink for Valentine's Day!


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