custom painting and design services

The Modern Cottage Company is located in Tacoma, WA
The Modern Cottage Company is an expert at mixing pre-WW2 vintage style with modern touches. I will work with your budget, your ideas, your style to help you love your home. The design process starts out with an in home consult, $75. We will discuss color story ideas, furniture layout, accessories, and custom furniture painting to tie it all together. Custom furniture painting pricing is separate and based on the scope of each project. Design services after the initial consult are $50 per hour including travel time. This includes time to find unique items your home and delivering it to you! Additional services can be added to your work order at the time of consultation. Design services are invoiced out monthly instead of the end of the project (end of month), this helps keep us both on the same page in terms of budget.
The Modern Cottage Company also offers custom painting for vintage furniture. I specialize in painting pre-WW2 unpainted pieces and prefer to stay in that era when offering custom painting services. Medium to small projects are the best due to my studio size. I need to keep room in my studio for multiple projects being worked on at once. An example would be a small end table up to large buffet. I am unable to paint large dining sets, armoires or pianos currently due to space constrictions in my studio. I have painted 1000's of pieces over 28 years and I am an expert at walking you through what paint products will be best to get the desired finish you are looking for. In store and email consults are free of charge. Once consultation is completed I will put together a work order of your project. The work order will have an estimated final cost and estimated completion date. Costs can vary due to size of the project, color(s) chosen, the desired top coat finish, any small repairs to be done, knobs can be additional cost, if it needs to be stripped, if the piece needs cleaning, and odor removal. To be booked onto custom schedule 1/2 of the estimated final cost is due upon drop off of piece, the remaining balance to be paid upon completion of project. Everything will be stated on your work order.
I look forward to working with you!
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