Tuesday, March 21, 2017

t h e    t r a i n

If you know me, you know my son loves trains. So you might think that this is what my post is going to be about. It is in a away.

I can go a month without anyone asking about my business, and then the next week I will have 20 emails from other business owners with questions. I will confess most times I don't know how to answer very detailed emails about the "hows and why's" I do things. Also, there are times when I am still trying to figure it out after 7 years. I had a rough patch the last two months that I am just now feeling steady and secure with myself. This has been a good two weeks. I worked my tail off to get through it.

  Also, I used to answer back long emails and I would either get no response or I would get additional emails with loads of follow up questions. Sometimes for weeks after. I would get frustrated about the no thank you response and a bit frustrated about all the follow up emails. Just being honest. I don't see myself as a business coach. There are WAY too many different scenarios and no easy paths.

I will say that my business is like a train with no stops. Partly because I like to be busy and I am always loading up my work. Just as I paint through all my back stock, I end up buying a ton more. Or if I have no back stock, I am trying to hustle and find more. 

This doesn't mean I don't daydream about my yard with no weeds, a car that isn't carrying random furniture junk, or a house that is actually organized, spending my time shopping, or even going to the gym. I wish for all of that! I just prefer to spend the very few hours I have when the kids are away from school working. 

And I kind of have to. When you are in this business long enough you have more cars on your train, it is going faster and harder to stop. I had someone express to me that they wanted to start a shop like mine. We chatted and I asked if she had ever done a show. She said yes. I said running a shop where you find, fix, paint, market the pieces is like doing a show every single week. In a double booth, and  you have to completely redo every week with all new things you found, fixed, painted, marketed. And you have to run it after you did all of that.

I know I just made that sound bleak. It isn't to me, it is actually why I do it. I like being busy. I love how every week is different because I am finding new projects to tackle.  But it can be hard to slow down the train.

I tried to this week and I ended up painting a buffet today, meeting about my pillows today, started two projects in my studio and I am picking up another Friday. Then onto the weekend full swing when Amanda and I run the shop and have bookend design meetings Saturday. 

I love it though. I guess Cooper isn't the only train lover in the family.